Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sad Sunday

  Well my son just left.  It is 4:47 in the morning.  So sad.  I miss him already.  We had a wonderful visit.  Friday we all got to take our bike ride.  Wow, taking the winter off really makes it difficult to ride like you did the summer before, LOL.  The 9 miles seemed like 20.  It was really windy but beautiful out.

 Yesterday we spent at my MIL.

  She has lost another 7 pounds in only 2 weeks.  She is eating more but it is not sticking.  She has a vagueness that is disturbing.  My FIL got that way toward the end.  An inward looking.  When she said goodbye to my son they were both crying as they both knew it was the last time they would see each other.  Their pain was difficult to witness.

   My grandson turned out to have strep throat.  They put him on some antibiotics and he is better.  Kids bounce back so quick.  They are so happy their daddy is coming home.

   I haven't had any more fights with the BIL.  I took pictures of him yesterday with my sons.  In the picture it really shows how down and out he has gotten.  His teeth are blackened at the gums and his complexion is sallow.  He looks like a homeless person that you have cleaned up. I would be scared to meet him in a dark alley. He looks terminally ill.  He still talks the same and acts the same but he looks terrible.  It is really sad as he was such a handsome young man.  All the women loved him, at least until they got to know what a user he was.

   He took my MIL's credit card and charged a flight for his son to come visit.  Gee, it never occurred to me to have my MIL fly my grandchildren here!  He has also been using the card to keep gas in her, his, car.   I told him I was going to the bank and I would get him one of his bonds if he wanted to cash one of his in so he would have his own cash.  He declined.  I have plenty so far he said, yah, my MIL's entire bank account.

   He made supper yesterday.  I watched closely the way he treated his mother.  I don't like the way he just dismisses her in her own home.  She looks exhausted.  I asked her privately if she was OK and she said yes,but she looks sad.  I told Rick we will have to start going over there more again.  We stepped back and let them have their time together but I need to make sure he is treating her good.  She is still missing her meds sometimes and with him there to remind her I thought that would stop.  Plus I told him to try and get her to drink 3 boosts a day and find out she has been averaging one a day.  Is he trying to hurry it along or just cares so little about anyone but him he doesn't care.

   As long as I am witching about him he also has been coming over here and spending hours on my computer.  That will stop now that my son is gone.  I have to get back to work.

   Gee, what a pitiful entry this is.  Bet ya just love reading these, LOL.  I used to be so fun loving and talking about my weight loss and exercise.  I will get back there again.  I sit in the back yard and meditate smelling the wild purple flowers in the woods that are so abundant this year.  The smell is heavenly.

 I meditate and get my head on straight.  I need to be focuses to make sure my MIL is really OK.  I am more then worried about her.  He is treating her like a visitor in her own home.

  Zoey is getting better as only a healthy dog can do.  Trying to keep her from being too active.  She is so good and not bothering any of her stitches.  The pain med is helping and she isn't whining like she hurts anymore.  Her fur is already growing back.

  Well, time to leave.  Below is a picture of a wild rose.  Iowa's state flower.


ukgal36 said...

this is so sad...i am glad that your son got to see his granny...makes me cry...
you are such a good woman...

inquestoftruth said...

Julie, you are a better person than me.   BIL would have been dead by now had I been there.     Good looking men ya got there....well, except one, and his actions make him not handsome.     The first pic....there seems to be an extra guy in there, did I miss something?  
Is that a recent pic of MIL?   She looks really good.    Son's and MIL's goodbye broke my heart, as I know it did yours.
Hang in there!

madcobug said...

Your pictures are great. Nice looking sons you have there. Could you talk your MIL into cancelling her credit cards? No telling what he will charge against her card. You might need to watch him around her pain meds if she is taking any. My brother got into my Mother's and I had to hide them and make sure I was the one to administer them to her and warned him to leave her medicine along as she would need them and could not get the prescription filled when she needed them. I finally sent him back home on the third day as it was just easier to take care of her myself than to have to watch him. He was supposed to be there for a few days giving me a rest. It is a shame how things go at times in a family. Helen

rdautumnsage said...

I'm in agreement, I think your MIL should cancel her credit cards. I wouldn't trust your BIL ! He is one shifty ......ugh! I trying very hard to refrain from name calling, I don't have a nice thing to say about the guy. He doesn't want to get into one of his bonds, but has no problem using up your MIL's money. Why in the world is he there? He most certainly isn't taking care of her the way she deserves. Now he's bringing his own son into the mix. As if your MIL doesn't have enough to worry about. Why do I get the feeling your nephew is here to stay for the long run as well. My heart broke when I read about the goodbye between your son and MIL. She is lucky to have you hon, otherwise everyone else would be running her to her grave in a hand barrel. (Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, what an awful situation.  Your BIL does look shabby and acts that way also.  I think you need to vent and get this all out.  Keeping your family in my prayers.  Your son is so handsome.  Glad you got to see him.  Chris

erarein63 said...

Julie--Your boys sure are handsome!  So sorry all the trouble you are having with the BIL, sure adds to the stress.  And the BIL looks like so many of the druggies we get in the ER, used up.  And taking a cue from your previous entry, they all know how to work he system sooo well.  Leave it to our government to open the door for that kind of thing.  The flowers are so pretty.  Glad you got a chance to get outdoors and ride the bike.  Try to get some rest.  De ;)

lanurseprn said...

You son is so handsome! BIL looks older than MIL! WOW he's a mess!  I feel so bad for your MIL. She probably feels trapped.
She's lucky to have you for a DIL. You take such good care of her.  I'm sure she realizes how good you do, now that her care is falling to BIL.
Take care...Pam

jlocorriere05 said...

You BIL does look like a down and out! I'm sorry he trewats his mum so bad. I'm so glad she has you to watch over her. I'm happy Zoey is on the mend and your grandson also. Love your pics! Have a good week. Jeannette xx