Friday, May 4, 2007

Rainy Friday


    All week while I worked the weather was beautiful and I looked out the windows from work and dreamed about my days off riding my bike, sitting outside while Rick grilled, planting my flowers.....  The reality!  Rain.  So far every day.   Predicted all weekend.  Predicted on the day of my much anticipated outdoor auction.  No bike rides, no planting flowers, no sitting outside with the sun warming my heart and toasting my skin.  Sigh. one ever said life would be fair.


   My MIL has had a good couple of days.  She wants to come over here to see some wedding pictures I got from a relative.  They are on-line.  She hasn't wanted to leave the house for awhile so that is good.  My dog has missed her.  I should have her for supper but what do you feed a woman who only drinks boost and pudding for a meal?  Maybe macaroni and cheese with a custard pie for desert.  Mild and easy to get down and I make a mean custard pie.  I will see what she feels like.


    I had my tetanus, whooping cough shot Thursday.  Boy is my arm sore.  I had them do it in my numb arm so I wonder how much worse it would be if I had gotten it on my other arm.  They say whooping cough is really on the increase and they worry nurses may become carries from all the exposure so they gave us all free shots,  Oh goody.  I hadn't had a tetanus shot since 84 though so it was time.


   The baby eagles are really getting big aren't they.  The experts predict they will start flying around Memorial day.  I can't wait.


      Today I am going to do some house work for my MIL.  Wash her bedding and vacuum and dust.  Her house usually stays pretty clean.   Here, I have a gravel road so it is impossible to keep up with the dust.  I have to dust at least twice a day to keep up with it.  The rain will at least keep that down.  See, I can be positive about all this rain.  My silver lining.  And I know the farmers love it.


     Well, I am going to end this.  Sales have been very good in my shop so I have another package to pack and then I am going to visit your journals.  At 10 I have to take Zoey to the vet.  I am worried about her.  She is getting lumpy all over.  Hopefully just old dog lumps.  See ya all later.  I am off until next Thursday! 


    Aren't these graphics just toooooo cute!


inquestoftruth said...

Mornin' Julie!    Good news that your MIL is having a few good days.    I hope and pray from here on out they are all good days...
The sun will be warming your heart and toasting your skin soon enough, and we'll all be wishing we had some rain.   Plus, with the rain you are getting now, all the flowers and greenery will be out in full force by the time you and Rick drag the bikes out...I predict the wait will have been worth it!   Zoey's got some lumps, huh?   If they aren't sore or bothering her, I bet she's just fine.

madcobug said...

I am glad that your MIL is having some good days. That is great that she feels up to visiting with you. Hope Zoey will be ok. It will be ok with me if you send some of your rain our way for we need it badly. Hope you enjoy some of your days off. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

Wonderful to hear that Betty is fit to come for a visit.  Excellent news Julie! You might be feelin blue because of the rain but you cheered me up by letting me know that. Just a 'change of wallpaper' can cheer you up when you are housebound.  Lol!   That's what my chronically ill brother says when he was well enough to visit with my younger brother who lives near him.
I love the tags...cute!  Sorry its raining your way.  It looks like you will be sending it our way come Sunday if we are to believe the weather forecast.  Glad your shop is busy.  Hugs   Jenaie

rdautumnsage said...

So far the weather has been beautiful here (crossing fingers it stays that way). I think it will do wonders for your MIL to get out of the house, she could use a change of scenery. Keeping Zoey in my prayers on the smoke it is just old dog lumps. (Hugs)Indigo

lanurseprn said...

Your graphics today are so cute! Hope you have a nice visit with your MIL.  Good luck with Zoey. I wish it would rain here. We've had hardly any rain all year.

radar446 said...

It's been raining here since last night as well and we are looking for more all weekend.  Glad your MIL is doing better and feels up to visiting with you.  That is a very good sign.


jckfrstross said...

love the graphics:) enjoy your weekend:)


erarein63 said...

Sorry the rain is coming your way, but hopefully you will have a nice weekend regardless.  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

I always wonder why the weather never likes to cooperate with days off.  That happens to me quite frequently.  Megan got a DPT before she went to Asia.  They used to just give them DT vaccines but the health dept. said the same thing about pertussis.  Weird how disease resurge again.  I'm thinking that a lot of pediatricians are eliminating the pertussis vaccine because of the big stir in the 80's over it.  Hope Betty enjoys her custard pie...yum.  Chris  (The graphics are adorable!)