Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This and that.

   Things that stand out for me.   OK.  I had almost convinced myself that I could drag up the courage to fly and go see my sister in Hawaii.  I really miss her and would love to see the place.  Then they have the headline from yesterday.  Passenger with extreme drug resistant TB possibly infects 2 plane loads of passenger.  Yikes.  I know about those drug resistant illnesses.  I don't want that.  Now the chances of that happening again have to be pretty darn rare right?  Maybe with the TB but there are alot of drug resistant diseases these days.  I don't want any of them.  And don't you all share the same exhaled air in planes?  Filtered but the same?

    Another thing from the news.  Cindy Sheehan.   I felt so sorry about her son.  Didn't like how she came across so un American.  But did feel sorry for her the way the media and far left used and abused her for their own agenda.  They took a grieving mother and used her for their own political gain and against their hatred for Bush.  The media and politicians didn't care one little bit about what she lost in this whole thing.  I hope she goes and can rebuild her life.  Her son gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Still don't agree with the way she handled it,  but can feel her pain.

   Why do people kill each other because one man in power wants another man in power to bow down to him?  And to me that is what wars have always been.  A political game with the powerful using us as their pawns.  Every country, every war, have any really been fought for any other reason but one mans quest for power?  Oh they make it look noble, they say it is for us, but what does anyone of us pawns gain but someone else in power?  If the American people said no, if the Iranian people said no, if the German's had said no, if the Japanese had said no..etc...etc...etc....would there have been any wars.  Just said, oh no thanks, I have nothing against those people.  Think I will stay home and continue to plant my fields and raise my family and just get along day to day.........Wouldn't it be so nice if it was that easy.  Because if we all did say no do you really think those in power would get out on the battle fields and fight?  And wouldn't that be awfully funny.  A light slap her, a return slap there, 5 hours of talk and then another tap.

   And then last but not least.  Boulder Colo.  had an assembly for their high school students at one of the schools. I listened to it on the radio today. The people told them all how drug use was just fine, casual drug use, pot hash etc.  and sex was A OK between men and women, women and women, men and men, boys and men, little girls and men!  And masturbate children, masturbate.

   The school allowed it!  Their parents allowed it. Children now a days have no chance.  Look at what's teaching them.  I am sorry but I am not raising my children that way.  Sexual transmitted disease is way up among teens,  its not just about unwanted pregnancies.  What about self worth.  What about becoming a productive self respecting member of society.  What is happening to the morals in this country.  If that had happened here I would be suing the school.  I would be screaming at the teachers.  If I want my children to learn about those types of things I will teach them myself.  I will teach them the pro AND the cons.  I will be a responsible adult.  My kids told me the only 2 things they listened to me about where sex and drugs.  I know people who buy their kids condom and birth control.  I don't want to be a grandmother, they say.  I taught my kids that abstinence was the safest way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.  The surest way not to get a sexually transmitted disease.  The best way to show you respected the woman you were dating.  I also told them about birth control and I told them about drugs.  I have lots of experience from working at the hospital with the dark side of casual sex and drugs.  I didn't want that for my children.  I don't want that for any children.  I told my children to look at the best side and the worst side when they make choices and see if the best out ways the worse.  They didn't always listen to me of course but at least they knew where I stood and why I believed what I did.

    But them I am also the woman who told my son's and all their male friends that they needed to do monthly testicular checks just like women have to do monthly breast exams and to see a doctor right away if they feel a lump.

    Now as usual these are my thoughts, my views and my journal.  Your allowed to feel any way you want.  This is how I feel.

    Well as you can see I am having a rambling day.  My mind does this sometimes.  Thinks of other abstracts instead of my own.


lanurseprn said...

I agree with you on all of your points.

jlocorriere05 said...

I agree Julie, working in a hospital I've seen so many young teenage girls coming in for terminations. One girl had three beofre she was fifteen, using it as a form of birth control! I also agree with the war thing .... let Bush and Blair go fight in Iraq! Why should innocent people go fight their governments battles? Jeannette xx  

jckfrstross said...

Was that at Boulder High? so sad that the school district allows that to happen. makes me sick. I graduated from Boulder High many years ago and that would have never happened. yes i work for the school district and believe me most of the workers disagree with what happened. But we have a select group that push for it.