Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poo's and other ramblings of the fevered mind

          I have been sick with the crud for the last couple of days.  Fever, head congestion, snuffles, you know.  So I was less then thrilled with Zoey's daily ritual today.

           I have woods behind my house.  4 or 5 blocks worth.  We have trails throughout them the deer made and it is a great place to walk Zoey so I don't have to clean up her.... well you know..... Poo!  But what a price I pay with a scent dog.

     I suppose all dogs are like this.  Heavens forbid they go in the same place twice.  And I swear she can smell where she went 5 years ago.  Lately she has decided the only place she really wants to go is 3 blocks away on the top of a steep hill.  To find her way she has to sniff every leaf and blade of grass plus exposed tree branch on the way.

       Feverish I stumble along in my Uggs and PJ's telling her to just hurry it up.  I don't feel good.  Just GO Zoey I mutter.  Several times she stops and I think Yes Yes, only to have her continue on.  Since I have been sick I have tried just putting her on her chain, welling to put up with the mess just so I could stay huddled under my blanket feeling sorry for myself.  Being the selfish little Witch she is she just barks every 2 seconds over and over and over again until I finally crawl out there and do the walk.

       Times like this I really miss Rick.  This is his ritual.  He is the one who got her started on this.  Him.  Not me.

      After that ritual is the (now you must feed me ritual).  All this before I have even enjoyed my first cup of good strong hot coffee which I am rarely too sick to enjoy.

    She will lay her head on my lab and softly whine under her breath.  If I move a hair she leaps back with a silly grin, putting her chest to the floor and her butt up...tail madly waving.  Yay, your coming. Lets eat.  

    This was also part of Ricks ritual.  I had her trained so I could just keep food in her bowl and she would eat when she got hungry.  Rick decided that looked boring so he slowing started adding more and more items to the menu.  Today.   I give her 1/3 cup of natures balance natural soft food mixed with senior Flint River Ranch Plus with a slab of natural lamb and rice sausage cut up and stirred into the entire mess.  It must be heated for 20 sec to bring out the subtle flavors.  If I have done it correctly she will have the entire bowl eaten within 10 sec but if it isn't exactly the way she likes it it will sit there the entire day while she looks at you reproachfully and pretends to be wasting away at my feet.  She will lay facing away from me with a timed huge sigh every few seconds. 

    Today I must have been right on as she has eaten and gone back to bed.  Her way of finishing up a perfect morning.   Me, I am sitting here finally drinking my coffee and making an entry.  An hour after I got up.  This dog better be really glad I like her.  Really glad.



radar446 said...

Funny how animals get into routines.  Dogs aren't the only ones that behave this way.  Both of my cats have their own routines...funny thing is, neither Jennifer nor I started them.  They both learned their own routines and stick by them to the letter.


madcobug said...

Hope you feel better soon. At least Zoey is still around to make you do what she thinks you should do. They do tend to get spoiled. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

Bless you!  It's just not fair!   Is it?  
After all the running after her you did when she was poorly you would think she would just cross her legs and let you have a lie in at least!  Or at least just squat as soon as the cold air hits her.  
I hadn't a clue you were feeling poorly!  Poor you!  I hope you will soon feel better.  
Just look at her happy face in that photo...who could be cross with her for long?
Maybe you should just fence off a toilet area for her and she can be left there until she does the business?   Just a thought.....
Meanwhile hope Rick is able to spoil you a little bit... soon.

Get Well Soon!
Jeanie xxx

lanurseprn said...

She's kept you busy!! And I suspect you wouldn't have it any other way.

countrylady4071 said...

I hope you will soon feel better.  My son and my brother had the same stuff you have.  It seems to be going around everywhere.  Zoey was a little stinker today, wasn't she?  LOL  But don't you just love them to pieces!!!  My little dog is SO SPOILED.  She lets me know what I'm supposed to do.

rbrown6172 said...

lol  not only do you like LOVE her!!!  ya see...i read between the lines.  ;)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Oh my goodness.  Well, the dog is loved.  : )  GBU, Shelly

jckfrstross said...

hope you feel better:) lol zoey


cacklinrosie101 said...

I have to laugh because Grizzly is torture in the morning.  He sniffs and sniffs and wants to walk everywhere.  If it rains, it's awful because his old nose doesn't find the scent as well.  He eats once a day.  Dry, adult dog food with a touch of Pedigree in it.  And he hogs it down in seconds.  Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

I've had dogs like Zoey too! My last two would happily use the garden in the morning but if it was raining they insisted I went out there too and stood getting soaked while they did what they had to do! Jeannette xx  

rdautumnsage said...

Are we sharing the same dog? Only difference is Pickles loves her walks, but won't do number 2 unless we are in our yard. I think it's part of her working nature not to litter unless your home. Meanwhile it takes her forever, she pees, walks a little further pees again, then proceeds to walk back and forth between the 2 spots several times , then changes her mind and decides that's not where she wants to go. And starts the same process over  a few yards away. I'm diligent about cleaning the yard, I refuse to take a chance the first thing in the morning walking into.......
As for wanting something, she does something I've never seen a dog do. She curls the toes of her paws around your hand like a monkey. She then looks up to you with those pitiful eyes that say she will absolutely die if you don't give in. Yeah, they have us wrapped right around their little paws don't they? (Hugs) Indigo