Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Morning....Whoops, afternoon


     I am cranky today.   Why?  I hate telephone beggers.  Buy this, take this credit card, donate to this charity.  Heather calls everyday to tell me about my credit card, and no, there is nothing wrong with my credit card report so please call her back so she can give me such a deal.  I really hate Heather because she is a recording.  When I slam the phone down on her it loses some of the effect.  Every day I get a call for Reekie?????? to thank him for his wonderful donation, What!  We didn't get the pledge card in the mail?  Oh my we will send it right away if you will just tell us again you wanted to donate that 30 dollars.

    Reekie will never, ever, even when hell freezes over donate to your organization as long as I have any to say about it and I do have plenty to say about it and never, and I mean never call me or any of my relatives again I screech and I slam down the phone.  But they do call again.  Everyday.  Even though I am on a do not call list.  Even though I sleep days.  Even though I am compelled to answer the phone in case something terrible has happened to my MIL,  AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.

     Now Rickie is much more patient then me.  He lets them get through their talk as he says they only get paid if they get through their talk.  I don't agree.  Rudeness is rudeness and why should they get paid for it.  Why when I have told them everyday for a year not to even darken my phone with their pleas again.  With me they get a quick hangup.  And since I am the one who works around here why is it they ask for Reekie anyway!

    Anyway this belongs in my rant journal, sorry about that.  I had the pleasure of getting an all time high of 8 calls today while I was taking my much needed sleep.  Yes I realize they do not know I sleep days and work nights.  But.......I AM ON A DO NOT CALL LIST.  Does that even work?

     The weather is cool outside.  It was beautiful this weekend.  In the 60's.  Perfect bike riding weather.  Not that I did any but I judge all my weather by how it would feel on my bike.  Windy, warm, cold, rainy.

     We had company most of last week and this weekend.  I got Saturday off work which was nice as I actually got to visit.  Since I was soooo tired that day it was a real blessing not to have to work.  I may not think it was such a blessing on payday but for now, its grand.

    The phone just rang.   My son answered it.  I can hear him turning someone down.  Does it never end!

    Just a reminder what is around the corner.  Looks like fun doesn't it.

          We have been van hunting.  Looking for one in like new condition with low miles and a hitch for my bike rack for under 1000.  In blue, LOL.  It gives me something to dream about.  Dreaming is good. 

     Well.  We are going out to eat.  Haven't been out since the 31 and Rick really needs out for awhile.  He is like a caged beast.  He hasn't been out of my MIL's house for 4 days.  I will not drink wine.  Doesn't agree with me. Don't expect any weird posts tonight, LOL.


madcobug said...

That is a shame about the telemarketers. You have to renew the do not call list every 5 years. I redid mine about 2 weeks ago. It doesn't catch all the calls but it does help with ours. I also have caller id deluxe where I can block the last caller in most cases up to six people. I have blocked some that way. Some it won't even let you block. Hope you and Rick enjoy your night out to eat. Helen

jckfrstross said...

i hate when they call i hang up or don't answer:) enjoy your time away


cacklinrosie101 said...

Yuck, I don't even want to think about snow.  I get very few calls.  I have to re-register on the no call list.  Pa. has one plus the federal one.  I still get a telemarketer once or twice a month.  Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

I just tell the pesky callers that if they want to talk to me they must phone my agent and book an appointment! Lol! Then I put the phone down and leave them wondering who the hell I am! Hope you enjoy your meal out with Reekie! Jeannette xx  

jimsulliv3 said...

I normally just sit back and relax (with a live call or recording) and then give them one of many pre-selected answers, including, "Rocko, find out who these guys are and lets put out a contract" or " Can you hold for a moment? Your mother needs another beer" I sit up nights trying to find a good way of taking up their time and messing with their heads.

quiltsnroses said...

I hate those recorded calls too-especially when I am out in the yard watering or gardening and have to run to turn the water off, rush to get my gloves and garden shoes off and then run into the house--all for a recording!  If it is a live person, then it depends on my mood as to whether I listen politely and then say thanks but no thanks, or just hang up or ask why they are bothering me.  I don't know why they can still call when you are on the "Do not call" list.  I do know that charities are exempt from that and are allowed to call.  

inquestoftruth said...

Yeah....I hate those phone calls, too.    However, I don't answer unless it's a number I recognize anyway.    Reekie might be wrong about the person geting paid.   I think they actually have to make the sale, get the donation or whatever.  I'm with you, though....and I won't listen!!

kirkbyj05 said...

Thankfully our Do Not Call list works.  I know just how you feel.  We still monitor our calls though, just in case.  We listen to the answer machine as the caller leaves a message and pick up only for family and friends.  Usually these call centre people don't leave a message anyway.
Sorry you didn't get much sleep.  I too got next to nothing last night.  I woke up umpteen times and gave up at 5.30 this morning.  That's why I am answering my alerts so early.   Lol!
I hope you catch up on your sleep soon.  Better still....I hope you had a nice time out with Rick.
Bye for now.
Jeanie  xxx

coelha said...

You are on a Don't Call List?!  I guess it doesn't work.  I hate getting these calls.  My problem is I let them talk, and I see my husband in the background telling me to just "hang up!"  I eventually do, but it makes me always feel terrible!!  What I hate most are thoe calls and mail I get addressed to my husband's ex-wife.  Take care :)  Julie P.s.  Hey, you want some Avon?!  LOL...  (Just kidding!!)

lanurseprn said...

I hate those kind of calls. I have started getting them on my cell phone, too. So if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer.
Hope you had fun going to dinner.

rdautumnsage said...

One of the many pleasures of being deaf. I no longer know who calls and leaves messages on the answering machine. Before I went deaf, I would cringe. Simply because the calls would use Doc's deceased wives name. Here it is over 4 years later since she passed away and we still get mail and beggar calls for her. I almost always know when there is one on the answering machine, he winces when he goes through the calls. These people are heartless!

Hope you and Rick get a chance to enjoy each others company away from MIL for a bit. (Hugs) Indigo