Monday, November 5, 2007

Long days


    My days seem long, but boring.  I would rather be strolling along the path above.  Oh well, time enough to do that.   I was reading through my journal from last year looking for my white chili recipe.  What a difference a year has made.  I need to get back into that mindset of dieting and being happy go lucky.  Gee, I used to have a sense of humor!

    Today I stayed with my MIL while Rick did some things here that needed to be done to get ready for, horrors, winter.  My MIL is much weaker, but true to how she has always been is extremely weak especially while your there.  She needs maximum help to get her feet in bed and get out bed when I am downstairs.  When I was upstairs cleaning up she pops and goes into the kitchen for a muffin.  Hummmmmm.  I told her to not wear us out too soon as she was going to need us for real in the future, but she just grinned.

    She is talking alot about dying and getting close to the end.  I think she is depressed.  Upset BIL hasn't called in over 3 weeks and tired of the same boring routine.  Not so bored she wants to go for a ride or do anything different, just bored.  Still not having pain much, just occasionally.  Thats good. 

   For supper I made beef stroganoff.  You know what?  Cooking is not all its made up to be.  I don't mind cooking so much as thinking about what to cook.  I want to be a chief.  Have someone else do all the chopping and cleaning. Then I might like to cook.  Who knows.

   Well, I have to make this short.  I still can't find my white chili recipe.  Darn.  I plan on having it for supper and I love the recipe I have.  I know it in my archives somewhere.  Ta all.


kirkbyj05 said...

Never heard of white chilli???  You must let me read that one Julie.

And naughty Betty for pulling the wool over your eyes....Lol!  Now there's humour in that...bad girl that she is!   Lol!  Well...why not if she hasn't got long to go.  Pander to the person she wanted to be all her life and that would be someone who got waited on for everything.  Wouldn't we all want that too?  Bless her!  Lol!
Don't you go wearing yourself out though!
As for BIL....start humming a wee tune when she goes on about him and change the subject.
I wish you could grab a plane and come for a walk with me around the tarn. Now that would be a lovely day...yes?
Take care and chin up...CHEF!

springangel235 said...

Your MIL is such a strong are awesome for taking such good care of her.  I smiled when you said she would sneak off to get a muffin...that was cute.  They seem to know when the end is near...I think my Mom tried to tell me the same thing.  Beef stroganoff sounded wonderful...well, all the food sound like a great cook too.  Have a wonderful week...take the time for you too!!!
Hugs and much love,

ukgal36 said...

i would like to walk along that path above too..
hang in there...

lanurseprn said...

A walk on that path would be great. Yep...I'd enjoy that. LOL on MIL sneaking in for a muffin. That's funny!
Hope you have a good day.

jlocorriere05 said...

Sick people can be sneaky, your MIL sounds like one of the sneakiest! I'm sorry she's upset about her son not getting in touch, he must have no heart to keep away at such a time. I know you're pleased by his absence though! Take care of yourself and don't overdo it. Jeannette xx  

radar446 said...

I went through something very similar not too long ago this year.  It seems that you get caught up all the stressful things that "must" be done, and end up letting those things that you would "like" to get done fall by the wayside.  Having been through this, I'm not going to tell you that the answer is to be sure and make time for the things you enjoy and you will feel better.  Frankly, there is just so much time in the day, and the "must do's" seem to require more than 24 hours in a day.  All I can say is, there comes a point when you do get caught up, and things do start to fall into place and you will have an opportunity to get back to you.  Look forward to that time, and know that it is coming, and work toward that goal.  As you find empty time, be sure and devote that to you, even if it means just sitting in a dark room and thinking.