Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun Day, Yup you heard me right


            My MIL's nieces are here from Missouri.  They are both chiefs so it is always wonderful when they come because they cook wonderful food and are fun to be around.  My MIL always perks up.  Yippy, none of Julie's cooking!

           Yesterday they bought out the store to make homemade lasagna, the chiefs way.  I make lasagna I heat the oven,  put the box in and wait 90 minutes.  They make the lasagna you spend at least 5 hours cutting, chopping, grating,peeling, slicing, browning, tasting, baking, laughing, sipping on a cold beer and whipping up a wonderful side salad lasagna.  The results are much more impressive then the boxed one I usually serve and I have not seen my MIL eat such a large potion in months.  And a salad!  Plus the really great news!  She made 2 and we froze one.  We can have it again.

        Ricks cousin is addicted to Menards our home repair store.  Every time she comes we have to go to Menards.  We have to walk every single isle.  Its a hoot.  They are leaving today and then tomorrow we have more relatives coming on for a couple of days and Saturday another.  Of course this is my first day back to work so I will only see them for short periods.

       Yesterday my van bit the dust again.  We have been having trouble with the fuel rail.  Thought we had it fixed, but as soon as the weather cooled priceless gas started shooting out all over.  Rick tried to fix it which made him reek of gas which in turn gave me an asthma attack.  So to replace it will cost us 500 dollars.  Gee, what fun.  Now what rock will I find that under.  So we are down to 1 car.  Hard to do when we are living in 2 houses.  And our furnace which we put a new fan motor in now needs a new fan.  Plus my dental insurance went up 120% and my medical.  Can we say ouch here!

      I walked Zoey in the woods and heard a loud crack.  Looking up I was a branch coming down with a squirrel hanging on for dear life.  It hit the ground with a thud.  Poor little thing.  It sat there stunned for awhile but then took off.  Even Zoey looked concerned.
    Well, time to pop in the shower and get over to my MIL's.  I am hoping work goes well and the next 4 nights fly by.  Have a great weekend.


kirkbyj05 said...

Happy Days are here last!
I love making lasagne and my daughter has learnt to make a good one too!
Great to hear that Betty is stuffing her face....hahahahaha!
She is obviously enjoying the change too.  How wonderful for all of you.
Lets hope the next four days fly by too...for your sake as you need this sooooooo much!
Hang it!  Why does the car repairs have to cost so much?  Have you not got a friend who nows how to do it?  Just a thought.
Whheeeeee!   To the squirrel.  Lol!   It must have wondered where it was and what had caused it.  Life is full of surprises....yes?

Go with the flow Julie...go with the flow....
Jeanie xxx

mail4campbell said...

You sure do work hard! I'm glad to hear that you get some down time, with good food and family! Have a great week at work and home. Love2U

rbrown6172 said...

glad you got some relief in the kitchen and enjoyed fine company as well.  sorry to hear about the money woes...somehow it will work out.

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you've got some helping hands with the cooking, the lasagna sounds great. I've only made a couple of real ones, mine normally come out of a box too! Sorry about your van, seems as though there's alwways something to spend your hard earned money on. I hope your first day back at work isn't too bad for you. Jeannette xx  

rdautumnsage said...

I was telling Doc it seems every time the holidays roll around, the money ends up rolling out the door for things we didn't plan on. It never fails. Glad to hear you had help in the kitchen and a wonderful visit from the relatives. You needed a good day in the midst of all the chaos. (Hugs) Indigo

gotomaria said...

Hi, I love your closeups of the leaves in this and your last entry.  Nice job.   I know how you feel about the money woes!  Sometimes I just cross my fingers and hope for the best.  Things will let up soon I bet,  somehow it all evens out in the end.  Good luck!  Maria

radar446 said...

Good to hear that you had a fun time with family, and the food sounds great.  Have you looked at salvage yards for the fuel rail?  How about just an O ring kit from the dealership?  I haven't heard of the actual rail going south before.  It is just usually, the gaskets that dry up and start to leak.  When I was working for Acura, we sold O ring kits to rebuild these rails.  Less than $50.00 if I recall correctly.


cacklinrosie101 said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed your company and the great food.  Doesn't it always seem like you just can't get ahead.  As soon as I think I'm in the clear, something else goes kaput.  Chris