Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weight Gain, or is it muscle?

   Well my weight today is 223.8.  I have looked over my nutrition for this week and don't really see a reason for it.  I have increased my exercise so maybe it is muscle because that weighs more then fat, but I feel heavier.  I get measured by curves on the 8th and am looking forward to seeing if I have lost inches. 

  I am still convinced the way to permanently lose this weight is to change my eating habits and not diet.  I am cooking my food in a healthier way.  I never was much for fast food places and can't remember the last time I ate in a MacDonalds or Taco Johns etc.... but I did cook alot of pre-prepared meals because they were so convinent.  I have cut way down on those and am now cooking most of my meals from scratch. 

   I have set some new goals.  I think my portion sizes need some working on.  That could be my problem so I am going to measure my food again.  It could be throwing my calorie count way off.  I am also forcing myself to drink, drink, drink.   I am also not going to get discouraged.  That could be very harmful to keeping on the right track.  I am learning so much about how to eat correctly.  I can do this.  My skin looks better, I feel better, and this is a weird benifit, but I smell better?  I think it was cleaning my body of alot of toxins.  I wish I could afford to eat all organic.  Get rid of all the chemicals.

I got a charm for my bracelet that says 20 for the first 20 pounds I lost + one with a butterfly to signify my changing body.  I am not taking the 20 off because I will lose that again

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