Monday, July 11, 2005

Day one of the diet 6/8/05

    I started this journey trying to get approval for the gastric lap band to help me lose weight.  My insurance decided after 5 months of delay that I needed to go on a 6 month doctor supervised diet. Could it be I had met my deductable and 6 months gets me into another year?  You bet ya.  That is the games they play with your life at stake.  They have the power to override the professionals that care for you and have no medical training to base their decisions on.  People had better start screaming about where their health care is going in the future.  The more socialized it gets, the worse the care and delay gets.

      Anyway, where was I. At the doctors to discuss my 1500 calorie diet.  She promised to do what ever it would take to get me approved.  Weight this day.  A whooping 242.  The highest I have weighed.  The most I will ever weigh.  Tears where shed by me.  Next to Curves to sign up for an exercise program.

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inquestoftruth said...

I'm curious...if you're much weight have you lost?