Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Goal has changed

   I think about how my additude about this has changed.  I no longer think of myself as dieting but as changing my lifestyle.   I am preparing food healthier and eating good snacks instead of junk.  Now I grab a apple or fig instead of chips or cookies.  I am slowly eliminating the wrong oils and ingredients from my kitchen as I replace them with canola oil and olive and different vinegars.  This will be my way of life from now on.  I want to lose the weight in a healthy way and develope good eating habits.  I had always heard that, why did it take me 50 years to really listen?

  I am down a size in pants now.  Nice feeling.  The weight loss is slowing down but I am firming up.  I start my water arobics tomorrow.  I am going to meditate before hand so I am full of inner calm.  I can do this because it is good for me and will feel wonderful.

  I am wishing I could get my husband to eat healthier.  He eats the same meals as me but snacks on candy and I don't ever remember him eating a apple.  However he is down 10 pounds since I started cooking differently.  That is with his candy and rolls.  Men, they seem to lose weight so easily.







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