Thursday, July 21, 2005

Water Arobics

  Well, I took my first class today.  I was less self concious then I thought I would be and I was amazed how many heavy women were walking around not worring about their weight at all.  I really liked it and stayed for 2 classes.  I think I did get a workout and studies have proven you tone better with water arobics then regular arobics.  It was so weird though.  When I started walking out of the water it is like putting all your weight on again at once.  It almost brings you to your knees.  I also did not like the way my stomach and butt moved up and down while we were jogging in the water.  You don't feel it quite that way when you do it out of water.  Really makes you feel fat and flabby.  But then I am fat and flabby.  For now, not for ever.

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