Thursday, July 28, 2005

Water is Important

  Water is so important in weight loss and I have fallen down on drinking it.  My goal this week is to get my water in.   I did do water arobics today.  It was a very active workout.  We had a new teacher and she was much more active.  I loved it.  I only stayed for the one class because I don't feel right staying for 2 when I am only paying for one.  My right shoulder is really bothering me though.

  The Dalai Lama teaches that the purpose of life is Happiness.  I feel very happy today.  I am reading his book on finding happiness at work.  I basically am happy at work.  The buddhist believe you can find inner peace by easing the suffering of others.  I have been appling that at work in my nursing with a better attitude and my patients can tell.  I am happy taking care of them and feel better when they feel better.  Enlightenment may not come in this life time for me, but I am on my true path I believe.  Making myself healthier is making me happier also, so all is going well.

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