Monday, July 11, 2005

Week 4, 7/8/05

     Well it has been a month since I started this journey and I am down 14 pounds and 10.25 inches.  Wow.  I can see it in my face and wrists but not much anywhere else yet.  I had another unexpected visit to the doctor.  The 2nd day of Curves my ankle started to hurt and after a month I had decided maybe I had a stress fracture, fat lady bouncing on her feet to much.  The bad news is my arthritis in now in my ankle and it is bone on bone.  The doctor is cutting me down on my exercise and would like me to take water arobics,  IN A BATHING SUIT!  I am also going to have to take steroids which had a habit of causing me to gain weight and go into fluid overload.  I will add some lasix a couple of times so I don't get in trouble.  I can only walk 10 minutes.  What kind of work out is that.  When I got home I started to feel so sorry for myself I sat here and bawled but am now ready to get over this hurdle also.  I can do this.

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