Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is all over

  This subject is near and dear to my heart.  Should be to us all that can't afford health care.


nhd106 said...

I'm wondering why this subject is near and dear to your heart?


madcobug said...

I agree Julie. We have to pay high cost for health care even though we are on a fixed income. We can't afford to be without it and can barley afford to have it. Just think of all the money that could have gone to our health care that has been spent in iraq. Helen

jlocorriere05 said...

It wouldn't play so I went to the Youtube page and found it's been deleted! Jeannette xx  

venus905 said...

I am Hispanic and live very close to the TX/Mexico border.  We have the illegal problem like you wouldn't believe!!  And yes, it puts a huge burden on our health care because illegals have babies here and suddenly they are eligible for ALL kinds of benefits that "I", as a poor, single mother of 2 couldn't get 25 yrs ago.  I nickle & dimed myself all along, raising my kids on my meager secretary's salary, never having enough, but making "too much", according to US guidelines.  It really sucks!  That's why when my 21 y.o. daughter found herself alone & pregnant 3 yrs ago, I told her to get every single benefit that she would qualify for.  I figure that if I have paid 4K in taxes for the past 25 yrs, I have paid almost 100K to Uncle Sam and my daughter should get just a little bit back.

Good informative video!!  Estela in South TX

fisherkristina said...

Thank you for playing this Julie.  I thought it was going to be something else.  I do believe in helping others, but we do need to take care of our own first.  There are US citizens who can't afford to have kidney or bone marrow transplants, for example.  Fortunately John's insurance was good enough to have his stem cell transplant covered, and pay for his dialysis, but I know for a fact there are some whose insurance won't pay for their stem cell or kidney transplants.  They are left to die while illegals are paid for.  To me that is just plain wrong.