Thursday, June 5, 2008

A different day.


        Thank you all for your emails and replies. I feel better this morning.

       Death is a part of life and I do understand it.  Believe me.  I also believe when it is your time the most skilled doctor won't be able to save you.  Karma.  So many times you feel a sense of relief the persons suffering has ended and they are on their way to a brand new journey.  Yes...I do believe in a afterlife. 

     I guess I was just unprepared for this.  Shocked.  He was so healthy looking.  So it hurt.

     I worked oncology for 10 years.   Loved it.  People would ask me how I could work that department and get to know all these people that would eventually die.  Well believe it or not not everyone dies from cancer anymore.  We have some very successful treatment out there.  But  with the ones who didn't have a good outcome it was wonderful to be able to help them and keep them comfortable.  And a honor to get to know them and their families.

     So I will get by this. I work tonight starting my long stretch.  Should be interesting as my back is really on the brink today.  We also are expecting severe storms.  My computer has been off more then on lately due to the lightening storms all over.  Strange weather.

     Speaking of which.  I can hear  the thunder so I should close down again.  Thanks again.



madcobug said...

Glad that you are feeling better this morning. I hope all goes well tonight with no back pain. Helen

coelha said...

My father had liver cancer, but that wasn't what killed him.  He was out and about driving with my mother only hours before he died.  We are pretty sure he had a stroke; and that is what took him away from us.  We knew that he would have a long, tough fight ahead of him, but he was doing well, and his sudden death really was a shock. I actually had a vision of him in the hallway of the hospital waving goodbye to me-was it wishful thinking on my part, and real?  My heart says it was real.  I have a good friend that works in the hospice unit of her hospital--she is a special "angel", just like you!  O:) Julie

radar446 said...

"People would ask me how I could work that department and get to know all these people that would eventually die."....Interesting statement.  You have to keep in mind that life is a terminal disease and everyone will eventually die.  It is a part of life, and the part that makes life so precious.


rbrown6172 said...

glad you are feeling better.  hope you have a good work week and the ole back doesn't act up too much.

krmprm said...

I thank God for caring, feeling, compassionate nurses
and doctors like you.  I know it is rougher on you to
be that way,  but what a blessing to those you care for.
Heartfelt thanks, again.   Pat