Saturday, June 14, 2008

Floods and Grandchildren

       This is the weekend my grandchildren are suppose to come for a visit.  In fact they are on their way.  Trouble is a lot of Iowa is underwater.  Roads are flooded all over across the state.  How to get here.  I want to hug them so much.  I haven't seen my granddaughter is 3 years.  But I want them safe.  So everyone please say a prayer for their safe travel.  I miss them like a part of me has been removed not to mention my son has been heartsick since he moved here.

    It finally motivated me to get my antique bed home.  My MIL left her bedroom set to me.  I only brought the bed so far.  The dresser is next but I have to move the dresser in this room to the other bedroom and what to do with that dresser.  I wonder if my son would like it.  Anyway, I haven't got the pictures hung yet but here is the bed with one of my MIL's quilts.  It seems strange to see it here.

          I love the headboard on the bed.

     We are going to go test drive a minivan today.  It is the Hyundai Entourage.  It has a great safety record and actually the interior is very nice.  We also are looking at a
Chrysler Town & Country.  Last week I was going to buy the Town and country but it was sold before we got there.  I want a used one, 2006 or 2007.  The thought of driving off the lot and immediately having your car go down in value keeps me from buying new. Plus the cost.  So, anyone have either of these and any opinions?

     Thats about it today.  Maybe a ride later and keeping a eye on the flooding.  Maybe by tomorrow evening I will be hugging my grandchildren.


jeanno43 said...

I do hope that your family make the trip safely and you have a wonderful visit together. I am lucky as I see my Grandsons every week but that will change when they start school I suppose.  I just love that bed, it is absolutely beautiful and the detailing is wonderful.

madcobug said...

Saying a prayer for your grandchildren's safety. That bed is beautiful. I hope none of that flooding causes any problems for you. Good luck in finding the auto you would like to have. Helen

candlejmr said...

I hope your grandkids have a very safe trip.  I have a Honda Odyssey and I LOVE it....I would definitely get another one.


rbrown6172 said...

saying a prayer for a safe trip for your grandchildren.  i know how anxious you must be to see them.  the bed is beautiful!

nightmaremom said...

safe trip... bet you can't wait.  Love that bed!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Did your grandchildren make it yet, Julie?  I was wondering if the flooding was affecting you.  It's just awful from the pictures I've seen.  I love that headboard!  I'm such a sucker for antiques.  Chris

frankandmary said...

I hope your grandchildren are there, safe, now.
The set is lovely.  I have antique woodwork all thru my house, & it really is nothing like what they "produce" now. ~Mary

coelha said...

Beautiful bed! :)  I hope you enjoy your weekend with your kids-safe and sound!  :)  Julie