Sunday, December 16, 2007


  Last year at about this time we were at my MIL's making the traditional Medisterpølse's.

 Its a danish sausage and wonderful.  Last night we were talking that if we didn't make them this year it would be the first time in either of the son's life they didn't have them for Christmas.  So we are going to make a batch we think.  It will be hard enough this year.

       Yesterday we went to the funeral home and made the service arrangements.  My MIL had her funeral all arranged and prepaid so it really made the difficult task easy.  The Pastor came and helped.

      I remember when my MIL did it.  Shortly after she was diagnosed she insisted on getting her house in order.  TODAY.  When she got something in her head you would not stop hearing about it until it was done.  I am sure grateful for it now.  Today we are picking out one of her quilts to display at the service and some pictures.

      We have been talking over the last fewmonths.   My MIL's last meal she requested and ate was pickled Herring.  Yuk!  But she enjoyed it.  When she was talking out of her head earlier this week, dreaming and talking away she mentioned she had her best outfit ready.  Is she wearing it now?  For her welcome home party.

     I have been home and Rick is still staying there for awhile.  Yesterday I went over and already the house seems so strange.  I have spent every holiday there for the last 34 years.  Most of my childrens birthdays parties were spent there.  I look at the dining room table and remember the thousands of card game we played there.   Millions of memories in that house.  When the house is gone it will be the worse.

    We are keeping the house until the spring.  That way we can slowly go through everything and throw, sale or donate things until the auction in the spring.  She never threw anything away so it will take us months.

     I want to express my gratitude for the prayers and warm wishes everyone has sent.  It has meant so much.  This has been such a long roller coaster of a ride we are just numb and not thinking much right now.  I am so happy I am off work.  Anyway.....J-land is a warm and caring place.  Thank you all.


rbrown6172 said...

and still praying for you.  God bless and keep you and Rick in this hard time.

candlejmr said...

((((((HUGS))))))))) to you and Rick, because, right now, you need them most.  Your MIL is probably having a grand time, painfree, in her party dress!  I hope you make the sausage...I think thats a great tradition that will bring her into the holiday with you each year.


erarein63 said...

Oh sweetie, I remember my grandmother "talking out of her head" the week before she died.  Same sort of stuff and talking to family and friends already passed on.  When she opened her eyes and looked at you she was lucid, but it was the "ramblings" when she had her eyes closed.  I'm very sure Betty was indeed wearing her best outfit!  It's funny, I had not been reading your journal long when Betty was diagnosed and it had to be TODAY.  I remember your quite experation, lol.  She was indeed looking out for the family.  I'm sure you guys will do her proud by making the sausages.  Hugs!  De ;)

inquestoftruth said...

((((Julie)))))  I have a feeling the sausage this year will be just what is needed.    What a homecoming it was, I'll bet, for Betty in her best outfit.   Just think, though, she was given all new spotless clothes to wear.   Our Lord and Savior took the sting of death away for those who have gone on, and Betty is in a place that our minds can't even begin to comprehend.   I hope somehow that knowledge gives you some comfort during this trying time.

kirkbyj05 said...

Thanks for sharing Betty's photo Julie.  Its a lovely smiling one too.  If we could turn back time....

It will be nice to think of the tradition of the sausage making being carried on into posterity in her memory.  She was a wonderful woman with her hands too wasn't she?  I remember you showing a photo of her room and her quilt a while back.
She was so industrious and dexterous with her hands.
It will seem strange being in her house knowing she has gone.  The house we live in now was my MIL's and it took a long time to let go of all the memories she made with us in here before I could enjoy making my own.  It was so strange as I always called it 'Our Mam's House' for a few years inside myself.   I ccouldn't bear to stay in it through the day as her memories haunted me.  I would have so rather have had her back in real life.  At least you won't have that sensation of empty rooms for long.  Just until the Spring.
I can see Betty sitting in her finery eating her Roll Mops with relish. Wonderful picture.....
Thinking of you all the time and praying for your sorrow to be eased in time too.
God Bless
Jeanie xxxx

carolelainedodd said...

I have never heard of that sausage, but I think it's a tradition that you should keep, if you can. She looks so lovely in the photo, she will always be with you in spirit.  She sounds like a very caring and sensible and no nonsense woman to me, arranging her own funeral so that it is one less thing for you to all to worry about.
Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care of each other.
Hugs to you

madcobug said...

I remember you talking about making that sausage. Your MIL left behind many wonderful memories. She will be greatly missed. I have heard that a lot of people are using quilts the person made and draping the casket instead of a floral arrangement. Helen

lanurseprn said...

I remember when you guys made that sausage!! I remember thinking what a project it is...but how absolutely delish it would be! I hope you do it this year in memory of MIL.
Love the pic of MIL that you posted. She looks like such a lovely lady. God Bless her for having her arrangements made ahead of time. That is such a real blessing for those that are left behind. My Mom did not do that...and it was quite a challenge. You try to do what you "think" they would have wanted. But, the way your MIL did it, you already know what she'd want. She thought of everything, didn't she? God Bless her.
I know this will be the roughest holiday for you and Rick. Give Rick and extra tight hug from me, ok?
Love to you both,

cacklinrosie101 said...

I do remember last year you made a few tradition Danish dishes.  I think keeping up a bit of the tradition may make it somewhat easier.  It has to be so eerie to have the house empty.  We don't realize just how much of a role a person played in our lives until they're gone.  Many prayers are being sent your way.  Chris

coelha said...

I think it's great that you are all going to carry on the tradition of making the Christmas medistrepoles!  I hope the tradition lives on for more years to come.  Take care--the holidays certainly won't be the same, but your family will pull through it.  Hugs - Julie

breakaway1968 said...

I just cried reading this entry knowing you guys are going through such a loss during this time of the year...and Its great your going to make that sausage and hold on to that tradition. I bet she would love that!


jckfrstross said...

it will be hard on all of you:( keeping you in prayer


rdautumnsage said...

I know just how difficult this is. Thankfully your MIL had the presence of mind to have her affairs in order. Doc's mom didn't....her sons and daughter are defraying the cost of the funeral between them. Doc and I are helping out his older brother who was left to deal with a huge dept. left by her. This coming Sat. we are packing up the last of her belongings and storing them until Spring when the family can sort through them.....((Hugs)) Your in my thoughts and prayers on the smoke hon. We have both lost wonderful MIL's this month, may they both smile down on us during the coming holidays. (Hugs) Indigo