Saturday, December 29, 2007

day 2 of the rest of my life


          Good Morning J-landers.   Hope it is warmer and sunnier where ever you are.

           Iowa is in its usual mood.  Cold and gloomy.  Shedding its icy tears in soft flakes of snow and frost.  Pretty in its icy frostiness.  Got to love it.

          Did all my running around yesterday and was fairly productive.  However didn't get everything we wanted done because that *)@+@$#^@ van has another part going out.  We think it is either the water pump or the heater core.   AARRRGGGHHHH.  That stupid old van has cost me way to much money but I can't afford to buy another one.  It is still slightly cheaper to fix it, but if I had saved all the money I put into it this year I could have gotten another one.  I just can't do it all at once.   So back to one car again.

        I did pretty good on my eating yesterday.  Measured and counted every calorie.  I did not drink as much water as I needed to because I had to stop at every restroom in town as it was.  Bladder capacity of a gnat here.  I am working on thank you cards and today we are starting to shred things plus I am going to take pictures of things to put in the shop.  Should keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile. 

     I work tomorrow and the next day.  We will be busy as it is a bad night for the heart.  Young peopledrink too much and get a fast heart rate or go into A-fib.  Older people drink to much and have heart attacks or have too much fluid.   Poor innocent people get in the way of people who had too much to drink and get behind the wheel.  Take a cab people if you go out drinking.

    Well, time to get ready.  I have my 3 cups of strong black coffee in me to get started.  Time to get busy.  Take care all and Happy New Year



rbrown6172 said...

love your title for this entry.  :)  hope you have good work nights.

candlejmr said...

I love your title too....and the fact that you have "the bladder capacity of a gnat."  That had me CRACKING UP!!!!  I see more and more of Julie coming back in your entries.  I am thrilled!!!  I hope today is another great day for you!


kirkbyj05 said...

Nope Julie!   It's piddling down with rain here in the Lakes.  Actually its been torrential for the past couple of days and nights.  Where on earth is it coming from I ask????
Good see see you are filling time and getting things done.  
Drat!  That van of yours...its costing a bomb now!  Sometimes we wish we had a 'sugar daddy'  Lol!
I must have a look into your on-line shop.  I haven't done that for ages!
I have a couple of days respite after my daughter and granchildren have gone back after Christmas and then I begin  entertaining my son and his lovely wife Rachel with their three children.  So I am enjoying a little tour around some journals.  
Take care out and about and keep your 'gnat' legs crossed..hahahahaha! Listen to the expert here...hehehehe!

Don't work too hard my friend.
Jeanie xxxx

jimsulliv3 said...

I'm amazed that we both have vehicles manufactured by *)@+@$#^@ - , a recognized leader among giants and known for their inate ability to fail to perform when needed most. A fine brand, indeed.

10-4 on the New Years drinking - not a good idea to be with amateurs on this evening.


lanurseprn said...

Good for you on eating right. It's tough, I know.
Sorry to hear about your van. I hope you get it fixed soon.
I'm working the next 3 days. I'm just dreading the calls out I'll get at DL. It's gonna be an adventure!
Hope you have a good day today.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Pittsburgh is in the 40's with rain and the cold chill.  Better than snow, I guess.  I hear you on repairs.  I just noticed my hot water tank is leaking.  It's a five year tank that just made the 10th year so what can I say.  Still I really hate putting out money I don't have.  Take care...Chris

radar446 said...

Sorry to hear about the van.  It sounds like it is time to consider getting out of it in the near future.  The repair costs are going to really start stinging eventually.


carolelainedodd said...

Sorry about your van.  They can be money pits can't they.  Sadly this is the time of year when people tend to overdo the drinking.
Hope things improve for you soon.